The fur on a dog or cat helps to protect them against sun and extreme temperatures.

Fur actually insulates a pet from the heat of summer as well as from cold temperatures.

Fur acts as a natural sun-screen for dogs and cats.

Shaving a pet down removes temperature protection for a pet and subjects them to sunburn.

Please carefully consider whether a shavedown of your pet is required.  Some reasons to consider having your pet shaved:

  • Extreme matting due to neglect.  Sometimes it is kinder to have the pet shaved, since mat removal is a time-consuming and stressful process for the pet.
  • Skin conditions that benefit from having shorter hair (ask your veterinarian for her/his recommendation)

Some Misconceptions about Shaving a Pet

"Shaving cuts down on shedding."
  • Shaving a pet will not necessarily cut down on shedding.  You pet will still shed - the hairs will just be shorter.
"Shaving is a quick-fix."
  • Shaving a pet is not a quick process.  This service requires extra time and fees.

If you have any questions about whether your pet needs
to be shaved, please call us at 440-255-7387.
We will happy to assist you!